I was 24 years old when I was admitted to Topeka Center over a year ago. I was bedbound with stage 4 pressure wounds and was struggling with Major Depressive Disorder. I was seriously discouraged, unmotivated, and completely dependent on the staff. It was no way to live.
The Topeka Center team was there for me in so many ways. I participated in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy—all of which helped me set goals for my health and independence. I received counseling and psychiatric services, which was key to stabilizing my depression and overall mood.
As my wounds improved, so did my outlook on life. I enjoyed talking with the staff and really looked forward to Topeka Center’s great activities. I trusted the therapists and nurses, and they dramatically transformed the quality of my life. The staff helped me get back on my feet, literally. They motivated me and encouraged me throughout the rehabilitation process. I have come so far and I am so thankful. I am wound free and completely independent.
I am so excited by how far I have come. When I was first admitted, I never thought that I would have made this much progress. For the first time I am excited about my future and the possibilities it holds. Thank you, Topeka Center staff!