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Ellicott Center is always looking to fill any clinical need.

These specialized units and/or programs introduce advanced methods by unique experts who are celebrated for their pioneering knowledge in the specific specialties.

Secured Dementia Unit

Safe, secure and well-cared for: that’s the Centers promise to our Residents in our Secured Dementia Units as well as to their families. The goal of this unit is to allow our Residents with memory care to feel purpose, a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment every day. Our Memory care communities have trained staff and specially designed activities. Our innovative programs are run by a team that includes social work, recreation, dietary, nursing, medical, psychology, therapy and housekeeping specialists. The Residents’ daily activities may include brain fitness exercises and memory games, specialty food programs, music, reminiscence groups, and more. The mission of the program—and of the talented, caring people who run it—is to improve the quality of life of each and every Resident.

Vent Unit

Centers Vent Care Units are designed for patients who require ventilator care due to an injury, chronic disease or other respiratory complications. All of our Residents on ventilators are closely monitored by physicians, respiratory therapists and skilled nurses trained in respiratory care. Patient monitoring 24-hours a day ensures the greatest possible comfort, as our highly skilled staff blends empathy with expertise to create unique goal-oriented care plans for each Resident. Although some patients require the ventilator for the long-term, our units wean many patients off of vent care. The facilities with both an in-house vent unit and a dialysis unit provide even greater health benefits.

HIV Care Unit

Centers HIV Care Units have one mission: to provide first-class care that meets the needs of all our Residents with HIV. Through regular bloodwork, we maintain an ongoing record of Residents’ CD4 count and T cell count. We also monitor and maintain medications—the ultimate goal being to stabilize each resident’s viral load to the point that the HIV is undetectable. But our specialized care extends to psychological issues and substance abuse as well, recognizing that our residents’ mental health is as vital as their physical health. When appropriate, case managers arrange successful integration back into the community—assisting Residents to acquire Medicaid cards and to find suitable housing. Job placement services are also available to Residents when needed. Centers HIV Units offer comprehensive healthcare throughout the process, evidenced by our outstanding record of success.

Ultra-Care Unit

Ultra-Care is a new service pioneered by Centers Health Care. Its goal is to provide a hospital-level of care within the confines of a skilled nursing facility. This includes ICU-trained nurses at hospital level staffing rations, on site physicians 24/7, telemetry and additional equipment that enables 24-hour individual monitoring of every patient. This unit allows for patients to be discharged more quickly from the hospital environment with no reduction in care, minimizing incidents of hospital-borne infections and smoothing the transition of patients from hospitals to skilled nursing care. It also has a positive impact when an in-house patient’s health declines or they have a medical episode: instead of requiring an ER visit or hospitalization, they can be treated in the skilled nursing facility at the Ultra-Care Unit.

Onsite Dialysis Services

Our On-Site Dialysis ensures that Residents receive the care they need without worrying about transportation, heavy traffic or inclement weather. There are never missed appointments or delays. It’s all on schedule and on time—dialysis is down the hall or an elevator ride away. By improving the coordination between the skilled nursing facility care team and the dialysis care team, the on-site unit leads to a general improvement in comfort and health-related quality of life.

GO™ Rehab Program

The GO Rehab Program, according to UDSMR data, is in the top 5% nationwide for rehab from injury, illness and surgery. The program is uniquely designed to provide dramatic improvement in two key areas: Clinical Outcomes and Resident Experience, providing a very different option for Residents and their families who are looking for an enhanced experience on their road to recovery. Clients have access to an attending physician 5 days a week, and to a team of registered nurses 24/7. The program also features cutting-edge equipment, including the groundbreaking Jintronix biofeedback system. Recognizing that rehab is not just about medical treatment and physical therapy, the Go Rehab Program takes a holistic approach. Clients enjoy private and semi-private rooms, smart TVs, branded coffee, Chromebooks, and a full menu of healthy food choices. The priority is to speed recovery and get clients back to their homes and families. A fully equipped ADL (Activities of Daily Living) Suite prepares the client for a successful return to the life they know.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Guided by renowned cardiologists, the Cardiac Care team leads the Resident step-by-step through the recovery process, with specialists in digital medical technology, pain management, diet and nutrition, physical therapy and emotional support, all working together to enhance the healing process. The unit includes cardiac telemetry with in-room, live-stream monitor displays and routine visits and clinical supervision by board certified cardiologists. Residents benefit from expert LifeVest system monitoring, TPN & PPN Administration, stat labs, x-rays, EKGs and echocardiograms. Heart-healthy menus and one-on-one meetings with bilingual nutritionists are also features of the unit. With family education and support, as well as post-discharge assistance and follow-up, the Cardiac Care Unit creates a health plan specifically customized around each Resident.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation is a focal point at Ellicott Center. To give each resident the best chance at a rich, fulfilling life after stroke, we bring together all our capabilities in one comprehensive, individualized program: physiatry; neurology; physical, occupational and speech therapies; nursing; dietary; social work; neuropsychology; and recreation.

Adult Day Care

Helping an aging senior population live life to the fullest is critical to our mission at Centers Health Care, and often times that means providing the right mix of health care and daily activities. And that’s exactly what Centers Adult Day Care facilities provide. We offer medically supervised Adult Day Care on a schedule designed to meet your needs. From one day a week to five, we can provide a break for a caregiver at home who needs time to attend to other matters. And we can offer respite from the loneliness of the elderly who live by themselves, unable to get out and about. Our courtesy transportation vans will pick up members at their door and return them home safely in the afternoon. While here, each member is medically supervised, and doctor-authorized therapy is provided by a full-time team of experts. Members enjoy hot meals, organized activities, and engaging activities. They spend the day in the company of good friends who share the same interests. Most memberships are covered by insurance.