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Posted on Jun 9, 2021

Martine Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing With 5 of the Best Father’s Day Gifts for Seniors

This year’s Father’s Day will be leaps and bounds better than 2021 if you’re able to see Dad or Grandpa […]

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Posted on May 21, 2021

Northern Services Group partners with Airmont Center for Renal Dialysis

If you are at a Northern Services facility, you have access to Rockland County’s newest, most advanced Dialysis Center. With […]

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Posted on Apr 7, 2021

Nonprofit Skilled Nursing: Not for Profit, All for You

With lower hospitalization rates and more discharges home, not-for-profits like Northern Services are a positive choice for short-term rehab and […]

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    Coronavirus Precaution

    While we understand the importance of connecting with
    your loved ones, our facility is implementing
    a complete restriction on visitors
    to protect the safety of our staff and residents.

    For now, please connect with your loved ones via
    phone, email, or skype. We will update you
    when this restriction is lifted.

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