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Our RehabStrong™ approach to recovery involves a results focused,
tech driven, individualized rehabilitation ecosystem focused on getting you stronger with hands-on dedication and caring from our incredible team.


Comprehensive Health Services

Our rehab therapists are dedicated to creating a well- rounded approach to care—incorporating every aspect of your goals into each treatment session.
Health Programs

Advanced Technology

At Ellicott Center, we always keep the future in perspective. We use only the best, most effective technological tools to help boost your rehab experience.


Our experienced therapists take an individualized approach with maximum effort for each patient. At Ellicott Center, you are our #1 priority.
Dedicated Team

Advanced rehabilitative therapies designed to restore strength.

Whether recovering from injury, illness or surgery, our Residents all benefit from our leading-edge rehab technology and therapy plans. At Ellicott Center, we are committed to getting them stronger and healthier—and getting them home faster.


The Jintronix biofeedback system can be used safely on the first day of rehab. And faster starts lead to faster recoveries and discharges. It uses computer gaming technology and multiple motion sensors to make your therapy more fun and more effective.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Based on technology developed by NASA for astronauts, the Anti-Gravity Treadmill empowers Residents to move in new ways and without pain—to recover mobility, improve wellness, and enhance physical performance. The result: better outcomes.

Walk-Tech Treadmill with Progress Monitor

Walking on a treadmill is an excellent source of exercise that puts less stress on the body than walking on any surface outside. Benefits include heart strength and weight control, while also allowing the therapist to closely monitor the Resident.

Sci-Fit Bike-in-Place System

Biking in place can take you far down the path to recovery. Our therapists design individualized biking programs, helping Residents to increase cardiovascular fitness, enhance joint mobility, decrease stress and improve coordination.

Safeguard Step-Up Staircase

Working on stairs is one of the most important and beneficial exercises in the rehabilitation process. It strengthens muscles in the legs, improves balance, and restores confidence—all vital steps to a successful outcome.

Multipurpose, Pro-Balance Parallel Bars

The road to recovery begins and ends with walking—first with the help of parallel bars and then on your own. Following injury, illness or surgery, it helps restore mobility, reduce pain, improve flexibility, and enhance aerobic fitness. Every step is a stride toward recovery.

Multi-Level, Adjustable Weight Program

A weightlifting program, individualized to meet each Resident’s needs and goals, improves bone density and motor performance, enhancing the ability to perform activities of daily living.


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You are our inspiration!

Our residents share their individual journeys on your road to recovery.

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For now, please connect with your loved ones via
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