I had been in good shape and quite healthy, but one day in April I suddenly, out of the blue, started to feel so tired and weak, I could barely even take a shower. Over the next few days, I felt weaker and weaker. Finally, my family called for an ambulance. At the hospital I was diagnosed with Covid-19, and I spent the next four weeks fighting for my life.
The doctor said I was lucky to be alive… and my lucky streak continued when I was admitted to Richmond Center. I needed a lot of medical attention, and the Richmond Center team gave it to me. The nurses, therapists and activities staff were so good to me! Even when they weren’t working with me, they checked in to see how I was doing.
I had become so weak, but the Richmond Center team got me back on my feet. In the beginning, I had wondered if I’d ever go home again. But now I know I will. Richmond Center helped me beat Covid-19, and I’m feeling like my old, healthy self again!