“It’s the simple things in life that I enjoy: doing chores around the house or catching a game or a movie on TV. But at the start of this year I was struck by a rare debilitating syndrome that was breaking down my muscle fiber. It became so bad, I couldn’t even sit up in my chair. I went to the hospital, but there wasn’t much they could do. They said I needed sub-acute rehabilitation. I met with a liaison who said there was a place for me at Schenectady Center.
It was a stroke of luck. The team there—medical, therapy, nutrition, recreation—they all got together and formulated a personalized, holistic plan for me. And they were all there for me 110%. The physical and occupational therapists knew what they were doing, and my muscles were getting stronger every day.
One month! That’s all it took for them to get me back to full strength. I’m forever grateful to the professionals at Schenectady Center. I’m back home, working in my garden by day, relaxing in front of my wide screen TV by night. Perfect!”