“I’m 88 years old, and when I contracted the Covid-19 virus, it hit me like a truck. With the hospital’s help, I beat the virus, but it laid me low. Not only did it take my breath away, it also took away my strength. Everyone at the hospital told me to go to Oak Hill Center for my rehab—and it’s the best advice I’ve ever gotten.
First thing I noticed was the positive attitude. It was clear that they enjoyed helping me. They made me feel better—not just physically, but emotionally as well. They often stopped by just to say hello and to see how I was feeling. Well, with the wonderful therapists on my side, implementing a plan designed specifically for me, I was feeling better every day.
You often hear the phrase, “they nursed me back to health.” That’s exactly what they did at Oak Hill Center. I got my health back, and when I was discharged I felt stronger than ever. One more thing I got there: a new family—the Oak Hill Center team!”