The pass was a little high, and I had to jump to catch it. I knew as soon as I hit the ground what happened. I heard the pop in my left knee and felt the searing pain. The reason I knew right way was because a year before, the same exact thing had happened in my right knee. I had torn both my ACL and my MCL.
Fortunately, I knew what I had to do. The first time it happened, I came to Slate Valley Center for outpatient rehab. The therapists worked wonders on my right knee. Now I asked them to do the same on my left. I’m only 16, but I’ve learned from my coaches: if you want to achieve excellence, you have to work hard. By that measure, the physical therapists at Slate Valley Center practice an extreme form of excellence!
But I’m driven, and so are they—which is one reason I like them so much. I want to work hard. Don’t get me wrong. They’re fun and friendly, too—an awesome group of people, and all from around this area. The pain is gone, but I’ll always remember the great team at Slate Valley Center.