My son means the world to me, and when he had a stroke, my heart sank. He is so young! The hospital was great, they probably saved his life, but when he got out, he still had to learn how to walk and talk all over again. He had done that once when he was two years old, but this time he’d need a lot more help. That’s where Wichita Center came in.
I can’t say enough about the therapists there. Professional. Highly skilled. Enthusiastic. All that and more. My son is a fighter, and they challenged him every day, every step of the way. They set realistic, reachable goals for him—all based on his individualized needs—and he fought like heck to reach them.
One more thing I want to add. As his father, I always felt as though I was part of the team. The staff—from the receptionist to the therapists and the administrator—are all great communicators. They always shared with me, and with my son, their rehab plan for him. Now, I’d like to do a little communicating myself: Thank you Wichita Center for getting my son back on his feet, back home, and back to independent living!