Covid-19 landed me in Glens Falls Hospital for 32 days, but on Easter Sunday, things were not looking good for me. I had been on a ventilator for 14 days, and they told me at that point I was unresponsive—so unresponsive, the medical providers feared the worst. They asked my family: If I was still unresponsive when they took me off the ventilator, should they intubate me again? Or just let me die peacefully?
My poor wife, Ann—we’ve been married for 57 years—was scared to death. My whole family feared the worst. But miraculously, when they removed the ventilator, I started to breathe on my own. I had beaten Covid-19. I was on the road to recovery. But my journey back to health had just begun. The virus had ravaged my body, and I was badly in need of rehab.
That’s where Slate Valley Center came in. The therapists there are terrific. In less than two weeks—10 days—they had me back home! All of them—both at the hospital and Slate Valley Center—are my heroes! Healthcare workers who are miracle workers.