I had a sudden severe stomach ache, followed by a fever. The pain was intense. I couldn’t eat and I could hardly breathe. I was hospitalized with acute pancreatitis and a viral infection. Once the symptoms were under control, I was discharged and admitted to Creekview Nursing & Rehab Center. The team there wasted no time. The physical, occupational and speech therapists immediately evaluated me, and, in their words found me to have “declined independence in functional mobility and self-care tasks.” In other words, I needed help—and they gave it to me! The therapists pushed me hard, but knew when to let me relax. The nurses and aides were always there to help me get comfortable. Within two weeks I had my strength back, and I walked out of Creekview on my own. I’m home, I’m walking, and I’m ready to dance—thanks to the great team.