It was absolutely terrifying. Even worse than the actual stroke itself. I lost my memory, and when you lose your memory, you lose everything. It’s as if the house I had lived in my whole life had burned to the ground, destroying all that I valued. My memories of my childhood and of raising my own children—wiped out.
I was literally lost. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t eat. And most distressing—I couldn’t remember.
Coming to Far Rockaway Center was a turning point. The physical therapists showed me how to walk again. The speech therapists taught me how to eat again. And over the course of two years, the entire team rebuilt my memory. I had been lost, but I found myself at Far Rockaway Center. They pushed me hard, really hard, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll never forget the first time I could wiggle my toes, swallow properly, and recall where I had come from.
And one other thing is for sure: I will always remember the good people of Far Rockaway Center and the great work they do.