Ever since we were very young, my sister and I have always taken care of each other. We come from a very tight-knit family. When she got sick, I mean really sick, I got very worried. I made a promise to her and to myself. That I would get her the very best healthcare available anywhere in Kansas!
The question was where? The answer was Wichita Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing. The staff was so friendly, helpful and respectful. And the rehab equipment was amazing! Really high-tech. My sister particularly benefitted from the Jintronix biofeedback system: it put no stress on her, but gave the therapists a chance to start her rehab program on day one. And she’s been improving ever since.
I’m not worried about my sister anymore. She is getting better every day. And that’s all because of how much her family cared for her. Her second family that is: the fantastic team at Wichita Center!