There are two things I value in life above all else: my family and my independence. But last year, my whole life turned upside down. I was on my motorcycle when a car cut me off. I swerved, but too late. I was in bad shape—I can’t tell you how many bones I broke.
The hospital patched me up, but I was in no condition to go home. I felt like the accident had cost me both my independence and my time with my family. But the moment I was wheeled into Carthage Center for my recovery, things started to look up. They were so welcoming and encouraging. The next day my physical therapy started, and I told my therapist I wouldn’t stop until I was back home, and he said neither would he!
My physical and occupational therapists were both terrific. But the entire Carthage Center team was on my side, rooting for me. And they did it: got me back on my feet and back home. I’ve got my independence back and I’m home with my family again!