I’ve always been very active and alert. Surfing the Internet is one of my favorite activities. But a severe case of sepsis in my leg changed all that. Not only did it effect me physically, but mentally as well. I was confused and anxious, unable even to navigate the Internet. It turned out my leg had to be amputated, and after being discharged from the hospital, I needed post-acute care. But it was a short, unsuccessful stay. My wife met with my case manager and a liaison from Centers Health Care. They decided to admit me to Schenectady Center—a great decision! The team there helped strengthen me both physically and mentally. I’m so grateful to everyone at Schenectady Center from the CNA’s, Nurses, and Therapy Team, to the housekeepers and maintenance staff, which maintained an immaculate facility. With the support of the entire care team, I’m up and walking again, home with my wife, and surfing the net in my spare time!