My name is Hebert Holmes. I am a resident at Bannister Center. When I first came to Bannister Center both of my legs were failing and could not get the right blood flow to them. Bannister Center welcomed me with open arms. It also provided me with the care I needed at that time. The therapy department is outstanding. They defiantly go the extra mile for everybody. Activities keeps us entertained and occupied. They have excellent programs and are very welcoming.
My experience was scary at first. I lost both of my legs and thought I would never walk again. I was scared. But now I’m in recovery and walking again. Staff treats me like family. There are many residents here that have no family or friends. I try to be friends with everyone. I even started a bible study group on my floor.
I am very grateful to Heidi who has pushed me that extra mile and makes sure I do my best. Heidi, Woodley, and Jamal all motivated me in different ways. They have encouraged me, helped me build confidence, and treat me like family. Now I am walking with the assistance of a walker and I am still improving.
I’m thankful for everything done to help me with my recovery. God made it possible.