I had a hip replacement, and the surprising thing to me was how depressed it made me. Being immobilized like that, unable to get around on my own—it set me back physically and mentally.
Checking into Williamsbridge Center turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Everyone there was so kind to me—and respectful. They recognized immediately that not only did my hip need rehabbing, but so did my emotional state. The therapy was excellent. The therapists pushed me hard, which was exactly what I needed. Even my family noticed the change—they were happy that I was I was happy.
The key to me is that they treated me holistically. Of course the healthcare and therapy were great, but so were the activities, the accommodations, and the food. My anxiety and depression just melted away. When I left, I was stronger than ever, but I had grown to love the Williamsbridge Center team. It had become my second family.