I started out at Troy Center working in the kitchen. One afternoon I was helping to prepare dinner, chopping vegetables, when I felt some discomfort—I thought it was indigestion, but after some Rolaids, and a half hour passed, I finally went to the Assistant Director of Nursing, and told that her something wasn’t right. Long story short, I was having a heart attack.
I went from cooking dinner at Troy Center to being served dinner at Troy Center. I’ve seen the facility from both sides—six weeks of intensive therapy, and three months to complete recovery and a return to work at Troy Center; the second time around as the front desk receptionist. The most astounding thing about the place is the team work. I see that working here. I experienced it rehabbing here.
I guess you could say I was in the right place at the right time. Troy Center literally saved my life. I am a success story—one of many. There are a lot of people here that I owe my life to. The whole team. It’s not just words, it’s absolutely true: together, we are Centers Strong. I’m living proof of that.