“When I was admitted to the hospital, the diagnosis was very disturbing. I suffered from severe sepsis, high troponin levels, rhabdomyolysis, and acute renal failure. In short, my whole body—muscles, cardiovascular system and kidneys—was breaking down. The hospital did all they could, my condition was stable, but when they discharged me to Troy Center for sub-acute care, I was still in pretty bad shape.
My family worried that I would never fully recover, but the team at Troy Center assured them—and me—that I would. And they fulfilled that promise…and more. The medical staff, the physical and occupational therapists—everyone there—was great. It was clear to me that they cared deeply—not just about my health, but about me.
We worked on my rehab every day, and their motivational skills matched their medical expertise. I’m living now in an assisted living facility, thanks to the Troy Center team. They brought me back to life!”