A serious accident at work left me in very bad shape. I had multiple wounds to my upper body and I had undergone an operation to amputate my left leg at the knee. Complicating the whole situation even more, I needed dialysis three times a week.
When I left the hospital, I needed hospital-quality rehab. Topeka Center came through in spectacular fashion. As soon as I arrived, the medical team here discussed my case with my doctor and the hospital. They designed a medical and rehab plan personalized for me.
Aside from the great care I’m getting, I love the people at Topeka Center. I look forward to participating in therapy, socializing with residents, and creating positive rapport with the staff. I’ve been to skilled nursing and rehab facilities all over east Kansas, and, against medical advice, I left them all. And good thing: I’d come back to Topeka Center in a heartbeat!