I don’t know how to explain it—I just wasn’t feeling well at all, weak and in pain all the time. Finally, when I took a fall, my family convinced me that I should check into a facility for short-term rehab—take the time to heal and feel better. I’m glad I listened to them, and I’m very happy that we chose Wichita Center.
From the moment I entered, everyone was great—they treated me like family. They were also right on top of my medical needs. They ordered an x-ray, and it turned out, when I took my fall I had fractured my hip. The physical and occupational therapists did outstanding work—I felt stronger every day.
My family is overjoyed. Not only am I feeling much better, but the staff here was very open—communicating and sharing their plans with me and my family. I’m so pleased with the care I’ve received at Wichita Center. The short-term rehab was such a success, I’ve decided to stay here…for long-term care. Wichita Center is my new home!