I had been in and out of the ICU at Glens Falls Hospital for a month, and my muscle tone was gone. I was in bad shape. My legs couldn’t support my body. I knew that my journey back to good health would only be beginning when I left the hospital.
Choosing the right place to rehab was crucial, and my daughter and I set out to research my options. From the reviews, ratings and comments online, I decided on Granville Center—and from the moment I arrived I knew I made the right choice. The place was so clean, and everyone was all smiles.
But when I went to the rehab gym and I saw the residents moving about, I got very emotional. One of the Physical Therapists saw how upset I was and came over to me. That can be you, she said. Work hard, and we’ll get you back on your feet. That’s all I needed: hope. The caring, compassionate, expert staff at Granville Center have done so
much for me.