“I was born with arteriovenous malformation (AVM), an abnormal tangle of blood vessels in the brain. In an attempt to treat the condition, I undertook three embolizations, and one surgery, during which I suffered a stroke.
I was admitted to Beth Abraham Center to recover, but I didn’t like being away from my home and my job. The Center’s team was very patient with me. The therapists worked with me every day, and I started to make progress. It was hard work but good work. The staff at Beth Abraham Center did a lot more than help me walk and talk and read and write again. We had movie nights, special groups and special lunches. I even started taking a cooking class, and honing my culinary skills became part of my therapy. It was really fun.
I have a seizure disorder and I do need help, which is exactly what Beth Abraham Center provided, getting me home again. The real miracle is that they showed me how to enjoy life again. That’s a real blessing! “