I was very sick, and my condition had gotten steadily worse—so bad that I was finally admitted to the hospital. They finally got my condition under control, but being in the hospital, laid up in bed, I got progressively weaker. I could barely stand up.
When it came near time for me to be discharged, my son went into action. He researched all the rehab facilities in or near Wichita, and toured them as well. The minute he walked into Wichita Center, he knew that it was the place for me—the friendly smiles, the sparkling clean rooms, and the high-tech rehab equipment sold him. And he was right on the mark!
The therapy departments—physical and occupational—have been great. They’ve worked me hard, but never too hard, and that’s just what I needed. I love the staff and the residents here. My son says, “Mom, you’re getting stronger every day.” And I owe it all to the wonderful people at Wichita Center. Their strength has become mine.