It was really ironic: I tripped over my walker…and broke my leg! The hospital down in Albany put me back together, cutting out some ligaments, scraping out some arthritis, and inserting two rods in my ankle. After all that, I didn’t think I’d ever walk again.
When the time came to leave, I met with this very nice young lady, a liaison for several local rehab facilities. She was on top of things, knew my case and knew exactly what I needed. But I also knew exactly what I wanted! I had been to Slate Valley Center before—they had taken care of my mom—and I loved them over there. I said if I don’t go to Slate Valley, I want to go home. The liaison did great work; she got me in.
It was like a homecoming. Everyone was so friendly. And the therapists are so good! I went to school with one of them—his name is Richard. That’s one of the things I love about Slate Valley Center: it’s part of the community. The other thing I love is that they worked so hard to make sure I could walk again. I might have given up on myself, but they never gave up on me!